SpekcitonTM Biosciences LLC is a biotech measurement science and technology company based in Wilmington, Delaware.

We support increased understanding and performance for crops and other bioprocesses through novel biophotonic measurement systems and services, including:

  • Sustainable agricultural yields through rapid and precise early warning detection of plant viability and stress.
  • Biosensors for fast soil and water contamination detection

Our technologies aim to provide quick, effective and innovative means for growers, agriculturalists, scientists and students to understand plant, water and soil health. Our services provide real-time diagnostics to enable earlier stress detection and identification and to support improved yields, food and water safety compared to incumbent sensing and mitigation approaches.

Who We Are

  • Dr. Andy Ragone – founder/CTO
  • Dr. Aaron Owens – data mining

Collaborators and Partners:

  • University of Delaware Ag Plant and Soil Sciences
  • University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean and Environment
  • Videometer A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Photon Systems Inc. / NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (California)
  • University of Chicago (Engel group – Biophysical Sciences)
  • Delaware Small Business Development Center (DE SBDC)
  • Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO)