SpekcitonTM Biosciences has been awarded the following grants:


Awarded University of Delaware Spin In® Grant to lead a interdisciplinary team to develop and market a novel potable water contamination sensor.

Team: chemistry, IT, engineering, business, marketing, design, UD Environment and Earth Sciences Dept and Wesley College (Chemistry Dept)


  • new technology offerings (deep UV sensor)
  • meet a critical market need (improved water safety)
  • mentor /collaborate with university students in business and technical skills for a new product, and
  • enable and increase Delaware employment opportunities by launching a high value adding engineering measurement business.



Awarded University of Delaware Phase 1 CAT R&D Grant (Center for Advanced Technology) Advance Research to:

  • Develop a novel optical inspection system (OIS) to detect crop pathogen contamination.


* Both these grants involve collaboration with UDel Ag Plant and Soil scientists and microbiologists and two business partners (Videometer A/S and Photon Systems Inc) to develop a deep UV multispectral imaging sensor and demonstrate feasibility development.



Awarded State of Delaware Entrepreneur Training Grant – 1 Million by 1 Million – training with a serial entrepreneur (Sramana Mitra)


See our Projects page for information on other projects in development.